Our Family

You may recognize some of our clients. We work directly with automotive manufacturers, OEM suppliers, small and large dealer groups, independent dealers and repair facilities. One our customers all have in common, is that they care about their employees, and preventing costly workplace injuries!

Automotive News | ARTICLE HERE

"As health care costs mount and competitive pressures increase, the industry is trying to make building a car easier on workers"

"Older workers may be more experienced and skilled, arguably resulting in fewer mistakes and accidents. But they also are more vulnerable to maladies and muscle strains. Workplace injury equals lower profits."

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"Hoist Hanger keeps wheels, and employees safe.."  

Scott Benz - Service Manager | Honda of Danbury

"Thank you, love the product, you guys are great"!

Mike Carter - Service Manager | Rogers & Rogers Toyota

"Fantastic product, I look forward to continuing to promote the product and using it in my stores. All of my technicians are already asking when they can get their set"?!

Bruce Bledsoe - Express/ Quality Control Supervisor  | Honda Mall of Georgia

"My name is Bruce Bledsoe and I am employed with Honda Mall of Georgia in Buford, Georgia. I am the Express/ Quality Control Supervisor, and I wanted to take the time to tell you how great your product is. It has made quite a difference in our shop. The quality is number one. The guys love them!

 Charles Carvalho - Fixed Operations Manager | Brian Jessel BMW 

"I'm all about safety for my guys, as we've had a few people with bad backs. The Hoist Hanger is an excellent tool and I've found once my guys started using it they really liked it. I highly recommend the product."

Larry DeBaker - Service Director | Mercedes-Benz of Ann Arbor
"I'm a fan! That is all that is needed to say
about this product. I have had many techs state
this device has helped immensely."

Jody Elmore - Service Manager | Capitol Chevrolet / Classic Cadillac 

" Very helpful addition to any service shop, I highly recommend them."

Mohammed Hussain - Technician | Westwood Honda

"I just returned to work after being off from a tire lifting injury and  WCB claim. To my surprise the shop had installed Hoist Hanger while I was away. I find the Hoist Hanger very helpful on my road to recovery. I don't know what I would do without it. Where was this device a few years ago?"