Worker Health and Safety programs advise that using tools such as Hoist Hanger will help prevent technician injuries and will save a company money by reducing work-related injury claims.


 Hoist Hanger is a tool that allows your technicians to remove and re-install wheels from a standing position; virtually eliminating, lower back, shoulder and neck injuries/ strains. With no need to bend down at the waist to lower a wheel to the shop floor, (and even more difficult) pick it back up, a number of important benefits occur:

  • Workers Compensation claims for back, neck, and shoulder injuries will be greatly reduced, or eliminated entirely.
  • Insurers look favorably on Hoist Hangers, and discount your rates.
  • Operations requiring wheel/ tire removal will be completed more quickly and efficiently.
  • Expensive wheels will not be damaged as a result of dropping them on the shop floor, or having tools or parts drop onto them from the lift.
  • Technician fatigue will be reduced, as will sick days off. Employee morale is enhanced.
  • Technicians will be able to maneuver around the vehicle more freely.
  • Customers will appreciate the professional look and approach to handling their expensive wheels and tires.
  • Shop cleanliness will be enhanced by not having hazardous wheels/ tires laying around; shop floor cleaning will be performed more easily.