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Does your dealership have technicians not working because of back, neck, or shoulder injuries?

Do you have a higher than normal rate of Worker Compensation claims?

Do you need assistance in getting your technicians back to work more quickly, after an injury?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then we have a solution...

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At Hoist Hanger.com we have seen the costly effects of rehabilitation both in our backs and in our pocketbooks.

After 5 years of Patent Approved research we have developed the ultimate process to help create an injury free workplace; helping anyone having to work with today's heavy wheel and tire combinations.

Browse our site and see how this simple, but effective, automotive lift accessory can save your company possibly many thousands of dollars.

Thanks for stopping by our site.  If there are any questions we may not have answered, please contact rick@hoisthanger.com or brendan@hoisthanger.com

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